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Sunshades and Wind Scoops




Planning your Summer Shade Strategy!

Points to note:

  • Will you want the shade while sailing/motoring, or only while moored? If used while sailing/motoring, pick something which won't block your vision.
  • If used while sailing, will the shade structure withstand the breeze? In our experience, the Blue Performance Free-Hanging models function quite well.
  • Do you have enough attachment points? The Free-Hanging models usually tie to a cable clamp on your backstay, and your stanchions and/or radar tower, passarelle, etc.
  • How much head clearance do you need? The Inflatable Ronstan boom tents are great for providing that extra room.
  • Will you require shade early in the morning or in the evenings? In the tropics, even in the morning, the powerful sun may necessitate your awning to drag as low as your upper lifeline.